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Gentle Steps to Remove Spacebar From Mechanical Keyboard.

29 July 2021

Spacebar is the most used key from the keyboard, whether it is a normal keyboard or mechanical. But sometimes our spacebar stops working and our work gets paused. We try to solve it by software set but the issue turned out to be abe of hardware. Here we will discuss how to remove the spacebar from the mechanical keyboard. After the issue is being solved, you can check your spacebar at the spacebar test tool like spacebar test.

The ability to remove a mechanical keyboard key is one of the perks of using this type of keyboard. When removing a keyboard key, the first step is to remove the keycap, and once that has been done, the key can be easily removed. It is the same procedure to clean up any key on the keyboard, but removing the spacebar can prove more difficult.

Gently Remove Spacebar on Mechanical Keyboard

It is the same procedure to remove a spacebar from a mechanical keyboard as it is from a regular keyboard. Although removing the keys on a mechanical keyboard is quite simple, you need to be careful with the tool you use. You can ruin your keyboard if you use the wrong tools. You may need to be extra careful when using the spacebar and other larger keys.

The keycap puller needs to be properly designed so that you can remove the keys more efficiently.

Here's how to remove the spacebar on a mechanical keyboard for the best experience:

Step 1: Disconnect the keyboard and accessories from the mains

Make sure the keyboard is close enough to you so that you can comfortably use it. You should be cautious when removing the larger keys, such as the spacebar, as it can prove to be one of the most challenging tasks. The spacebar and other larger keys come with stabilizers, and removing them is not as straightforward as it is for other keys.

Step 2: To remove the keycap, use keycaps at both ends

Remove the keycaps for the spacebar using two keycap pullers. Insert a keycap puller at each end of the spacebar. Ensure that the wires of the keycap puller are positioned and adjusted on both ends so that the keycap is firmly held in place.

If you don't have two keycap pullers, perhaps you can use one and customize the other with a paper clip. If you know how to handle it, you can even convert it into a good keycap puller.

Here's how to make a keycap puller from a paper clip:

  • Fold the paper clip in half. There are three paper clips you will need. Two clips will form the body of the keycap puller, and one will join the two. The first thing you need to do is straighten all three clips.
  • With the two clips, make two puller body parts. Make two equal 90 degree bends. Repeat the process for the other clip as well. Make sure the two are the same size.
  • On the outward end, bend the smaller parts at 90 degrees. You can use these as handles for your puller.
  • Put all these pieces together. A bent clip can be overlaid on top of another bent clip.

In case you did not understand the discussion above, you can watch the following video to get a better understanding of it:

Step 3: Slowly remove the keycap

Pull the keycap gently with both pullers. Ensure that both ends of the keycap are pulled up simultaneously. On a mechanical keyboard, the keycaps are normally held in place by the three cross-shaped pegs on the switches and the three cross-shaped slots on the underside of the keycaps.

That's it. It will be easy for you to pull off the keycap on the spacebar, and then either remove the switch or clean it depending on what you want to do with it.

It is necessary to be extra careful when using the large keys like the Spacebar and Shift key compared to working with the smaller keys. For the key switch and keycap to be stable, the spacebar can have a spring bar below the keycap. The spring bar can be damaged by jerky movements. As a result, the connection joints may also be damaged.

You can also use the steps explained above to learn how to remove larger keys from the Mechanical keyboard. In addition to the spacebar, which is the largest key on the keyboard, you will find the above method useful to remove the Caps Lock, Enter, Plus icon, Shift, and Backspace keys. There may also be a few larger keys on your specific keyboard, and the tips provided here can help in this case.

Restoring the Spacebar to a Keyboard
Restoring the Spacebar to a Keyboard
Restoring the Spacebar to a Keyboard

Restoring the Spacebar to a Keyboard

You may need to give serious consideration to a few important factors when putting the larger keys, such as the Spacebar, back in. It is vital that you keep a close watch on the springs and do not damage them in any way.

Placement of the keycaps on the naked key switches should be quite easy. In the case of larger keys, however, you may need to take some precautions to avoid damaging any components. Insert the support stems first, and then use the switch holes to align them properly. Ensure that the spring is positioned at the center. This will prevent the possibility of an incorrectly positioned keycap.


While the steps involved in removing the spacebar on a mechanical keyboard can be quite simple and straightforward, they do require a few precautions. Large keyboards are equipped with stabilizers, so handling them needs to be extremely careful. I hope the tips shared here will help you to find the best options for working with the spacebar on a mechanical keyboard.

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